RAAF Precedent

RAAF – F1-11 Deseal / Reseal Program

The Royal Australian Air Force have approximately 2,500 personnel affected by illness related to a fuel tank resealing program that was ongoing on their General Dynamics F1-11 bombers from 1973 to 2000.

Board of Inquiry test

The Australian military Authorities instituted a Board of Inquiry into the scandal.

“The Air Force should ensure that all personnel who may have been exposed to toxic chemicals, in any of the programs, should be provided with medical checkups and sympathetic advice and treatment. This should be at regular intervals, and careful records are kept.”

Parliament of Australia – Committee Activities (Inquiries & Reports)

On Thursday 25 June 2009, the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade tabled its report on the inquiry into RAAF F-111 Deseal/Reseal workers and their families entitled Sealing a just outcome: Report from the Inquiry into RAAF F-111 Deseal/Reseal workers and their families.

Molecular investigations into Jet Fuel & Solvent Exposure

The Australian government spent $3 million dollars on a research program to discover exactly how their personnel were made sick. Ireland has the Genetic & Protenomic expertise available to carry out similar studies.

Study of mortality and cancer incidence in aircraft maintenance personnel

The Australian government has financed ongoing studies into the long term health of affected RAAF personnel with an update every 4 years.

The Fourth study of mortality and cancer incidence in aircraft maintenance personnel: a continuing study of F-111 Deseal/Reseal personnel 2016, has found that the incidence of cancer is 39% higher than the control group but that mortality is actually 27% lower than the Australian average.

The lower mortality is down to awareness & vigilance amongst survivors, their doctors and healthcare professionals in general. In other words “Sympathetic Advice & Treatment” has a very positive  outcome.

Australian Department of Veteran Affairs
RAAF F1-11 Deseal / Reseal Survivors