Chemical Product Names & Safety Data Sheets

This is a listing of chemical product names used within the Irish Air Corps at Baldonnel & Gormanston aerodromes. These chemicals products usually contained a number of constituent chemical substances although in some instances the name is a brand name for a single chemical substance.

Note there are and were a large number of chemicals in use in both Baldonnel & Gormanston. For this reason this page should be considered a constant work in progress. Where possible we offer the SDS for the same brand of chemical but in many cases we offer a chemically identical alternative.

Anti Seize Compounds
Carbon Removers
Corrosion Inhibitors
Degreasers & Solvents
Detergents & Cleaners
Display Smoke Colorants & Cleaners
Fire Suppression
  • Bromochlorodifluoromethane (BCF)
Fuels &  Fuel Additives
Greases & Lubricants
Hydraulic Fluids
Jointing Compounds
Metal Primer / Preparation / Treatment
NDT Cleaners
  • Ardrox 9PR3
  • Magnaflux SKC-S
NDT Developers
  • Ardrox 9D6
  • Ardrox 9D6F
  • Ardrox 9D3
  • Magnaflux SKD-S2
  • Magnaflux WCP-2
NDT Penetrants
  • Ardrox 970-P4
  • Ardrox 970-P10
  • Ardrox 970-P10 (T)
  • Ardrox 970-P17
  • Ardrox 985-P1
  • Ardrox 985-P2
  • Ardrox 985-P3
  • Ardrox 985-P3 (T)
  • Ardrox 996P
  • Ardrox 996P3
  • Magnaflux 7HF Black Ink
  • Magnaflux 14A
  • Magnaflux 14HF Fluorescent Ink
  • Magnaflux SKL-SP
  • Magnaflux Zyglo ZL37
  • Magnaflux Zyglo ZP4B
  • Magnaflux Zyglo ZL60C
Oils & Inhibitors
Paints / Hardeners / Thinners
Paint Strippers
To be Categorised
  • Ardrox 230
  • Ardrox 397/2
  • Ardrox 6342
  • Ardrox 6345