Organisational Development & Management of Change in the Irish Air Corps


This study goes back to 1995 and the commencement of research by Flt. Sgt Irvine Ferris (Retd). The title of the research is Organisational Development and Management of Change in the Irish Air Corps and was concluded in 1997.

The thesis will be published over a number of weeks due to its physical size starting with chapter 8, the final chapter. The research findings are still valid today even though the original study commenced 26 years ago.

Irvine Ferris retired from the Air Corps in 1999 after 24 years service and went on to further study. He also held appointments at university and at senior management level in organisations questing for change. Irvine, now resides in Spain and England and continues with research into many interest areas.

Irvine is living with Parkinson’s disease having been diagnosed in 2015.