Chemicals – Aircraft Maintenance

Below is a listing of individual chemicals substances found as constituent ingredients in the chemical products used within the Irish Air Corps at Baldonnel & Gormanston aerodromes.

Many of the chemicals listed are toxic, corrosive, target specific organs or are otherwise harmful to health. however in the table below we specifically tag whether they are known carcinogen,  a known mutagen, a reproductive toxin or either a respiratory or skin sensitiser.

Note there are and were a large number of chemicals in use in both Baldonnel & Gormanston. For this reason this page should be considered a constant work in progress.

Name & WikiECHACarcinogenMutagenReprotoxicSensitiserToxicityIrritantSTOT
AcetoneLinkH319H336 - CNS
Ammonium HydroxideLinkH301, H312, H330H314, H318H335 - Respiratory
Barium ChromateLinkH350, H351H340, H341H361H317, H334H301, H302, H311, H330, H332H315, H319 H335 - Respiratory
H372 - Respiratory
Bis(piperidinothiocarbonyl) tetrasulphideLinkH361H317H302, H312, H332H315, H319H373 - Digestive Tract
2-ButoxyethanolLinkH361H317H301, H302, H310, H311, H312, H330, H331, H332H315, H319, H320H370 - Liver, Blood, Renal, CNS
H371 - Irritation to air passage
H373 - Blood
BenzeneLinkH350H340H304H315, H319H336 - CNS
H372 - Bone Marrow, Haematopoietic
ButanolLinkH302H315, H318H335 - Respiratory
H336 - CNS
Calcium DichromateLinkH350H317H302H319H335 - Respiratory
H373 - Respiratory
Carbon BlackLinkH351
Chromium TrioxideLinkH350H340H361FH317, H334H301, H310, H311, H330H314H372 - Skin, Lung
CobaltLinkH317, H334
Cresylic AcidLinkH301, H311H314, H318H370 - Liver, Blood (System), Respiratory System, Heart, Kidney, CNS
H372 - Blood (System), Cardiovascular System, Kidney, CNS
DichloromethaneLinkH350 - Inhallation
H351 - Inhallation
H341H302H315, H319H335 - Respiratory
H336 - CNS Inhallation
H370 - CNS
H373 - CNS, Blood, Liver Inhallation
1_3-DiphenylguanidineLinkH361fH301, H302H315, H318, H319H335 - Respiratory
[3-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)propyl] trimethoxysilaneLinkH341H317H301, H302, H304, H312, H331, H332H315, H318, H319
EpichlorohydrinLinkH350H361 - Reduced Male FertilityH317H301, H311, H331H314, H318
EthylbenzeneLinkH304, H332H315, H319H335 - Respiratory
H336 - CNS
H373 - Hearing Organs
FerbamLinkH330H315, H319H335 - Respiratory
N,N-DimethylacetamideLinkH360D - may damage the unborn childH300, H312, H332H319
HeptaneLinkH304H315H335 - Respiratory
H336 - CNS
Hexamethylene diisocyanateLinkH317, H334H302, H330, H331H314, H315, H319H335 - Respiratory
n-HexaneLinkH361fH304H315, H319H336 - Blood, CNS
H373 - Blood, CNS, Eyes, Respiratory, Testes, Peripheral nervous system
Hydrofluoric AcidLinkH300, H301, H310, H311, H330, H331H314H335
LimoneneLinkH317H304H315, H319
MethylcyclohexaneLinkH304H315H335 - Respiratory
H336 - CNS, Eyes, Kidney & Liver
Magnesium ChromateLinkH350 - Inhallation
H340 - InhallationH317H301, H312, H330 H315, H318, H319H335 - Respiratory
Manganese DioxideLinkH301, H302, H332H372 - CNS
H373 - Brain, CNS, Heart, Respiratory
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)LinkH315, H319H335 - Respiratory
H336 - Brain, CNS, GI Tract, Mouth, Mucous Membrane, Oesophagus, Pharnyx, Respiratory
methyl 1,2,2,6,6-pentamethyl-4-piperidyl sebacateLinkH317
2-(2-Methoxyethoxy)ethanolLinkH350H341H361d - Oral, DermalH312H319
2-methoxypropyl acetateLinkH360D - may damage the unborn childH335 - Respiratory
NaphthaLinkH350H340 - Oral, InhalationH361H302, H304, H332H315, H319H335 - Respiratory, Mucous Membrane
H336 - Brain, CNS
Propan-2-olLinkH319H335 - CNS
H336 - CNS, Eyes, Gastrointestinal Tract, Liver, Middle Ear, Mouth, Oesophagus, Pharynx, Respiratory
H370 - Gastrointestinal
H371 -
PhenolLinkH341 - Dermal, InhallationH301, H311, H331H314, H318H370 - Eyes, CNS
H372 - Cardiovascular
H373 - Blood Vessels, CNS, Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Muscle
Phosphoric AcidLinkH302, H312, H332H314, H318H335 - Respiratory
Polysorbate 80LinkH302, H312, H332H315, H319H335
Potassium ChromateLinkH350 - InhallationH340H361H317H330H315, H319H335 - Respiratory
Potassium DichromateLinkH350, H351H340H360FDH317, H334H301, H312, H330H314, H318H372 - Kidney, Lungs, Respiratory
RosinLinkH317, H334H312, H332H315, H319
Silicon DioxideLinkH330, H332H318H335 - Lungs
H372 - Lungs
Sodium ChromateLinkH350H340H360FDH317, H334H301, H312, H330H314H372 - Reproductive System
Sodium HydroxideLinkH314, H315, H318, H319H335 - Respiratory
H370 - Respiratory
Strontium ChromateLinkH350 - InhallationH341H361fdH317H302, H330H335 - Respiratory
Tetra-ethyl-leadLinkH360DfH300, H301, H330H373 - Damage to organs
TolueneLinkH361dH304H315H335 - Respiratory
H336 - Bladder, Blood, Brain, CNS, Eye lens, Kidney, Liver, Skin, Upper Respiratory Tract, Mouth, Pharynx, Oesophagus and Gastrointestinal tract
H370 - CNS
H372 - Eye, CNS, Sense Organs
H373 - Bladder, Brain, CNS, Eye lens, Kidney, Liver, Skin, Upper Respiratory Tract, Mouth, Pharynx, Oesophagus and Gastrointestinal tract
1,1,1-TrichloroethaneLinkH351H332H315, H319H373
1,1,1,2-TetraflouroethaneLinkH370 - CNS, Skin
H371 - CNS, Cardiovascular
Trichloroethylene LinkH350H341H315, H319H336 - CNS, Kidney, Respiratory
Tricresyl PhosphateLinkH340H317H302, H330H370 - CNS
XyleneLinkH304, H312, H332H315, H319H335 - Respiratory
H373 - Cardiac, CNS, Kidney, Liver
Zinc ChromateLinkH350H317H302