Recent survey reveals data about cancer among former aviators #USAF #IrishAirCorps

‘Astonishing’ – US veteran military pilots see first survey data on how many have cancer

Last fall, the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association asked its 3,400 members, all current or former military pilots, to respond to a survey about whether they had been diagnosed with cancer. The response was “astonishing,” a leader of the group said.

A total of 894 association members, known as “River Rats,” responded to the seven-question survey which asked, “Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer?” The results of the survey were shared exclusively with McClatchy.

“500 of them, 56 percent of them, said ‘Yes, I am disclosing a personal cancer.’ That was astonishing. I was not prepared for that,” said retired Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle pilot Col. Vince “Aztec” Alcazar, in an interview with McClatchy. Alcazar, who does not have cancer, serves on the association’s medical issues committee.

Of the 500 respondents who disclosed at least one cancer, “13 percent of them disclosed multiple cancers,” Alcazar said.

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Delay – Deny – Die

  • Similar aviation chemicals & fuels in use at Irish Air Corps.
  • Similar cancers killing serving & former Irish Air Corps aviators & support personnel.
  • Irish Air Corps “did not do” chemical Health & Safety prior to 2017.
  • Officers affected in proportion to their numbers.