77 *Untimely deaths recorded of Irish Air Corps personnel

Untimely* deaths of serving & former Irish Air Corps personnel

  • 77 verified deaths have occurred in total since 1980 
  • 64 of these deaths have occurred since 2000
  • 40 of these deaths have occurred since 2010
Either the rate of death is accelerating or we are missing many deaths from previous decades or possibly both.

3 most significant causes of death

  • Approximately a third of deaths are from  cancer
  • Approximately a third of deaths are cardiac related
  • Approximately a fifth of deaths are from suicide
*We record untimely as dying at or before age 66 (civilian pension age), average age of death is 50 years. We are counting deaths from medical reasons & suicide, we are not counting accidental deaths or murder.

One thought on “77 *Untimely deaths recorded of Irish Air Corps personnel”

  1. Hi Collie,

    Unfortunately, I fear it won’t get any better under a Fine Fail(ed) government after February 2020 because they will also just hide behind the “legal” advice and their support to date will soon vanish.

    May I suggest that the best chance is to canvas “PUBLIC OPINION” between now and the election, just as the Army wives did recently, with a public nationwide media campaign that included radio interviews and protest marches and which included the Veterans.

    During the election process, the politicos are going to do half the job for you by providing numerous picketing/protesting opportunities at their “open” meetings and when they appear for TV and local radio appearances.

    Sadly the victims outlined in your stats above can’t speak but the message from their families and the present day survivors would be most powerful and compelling.

    Seasons Greetings To You All.

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