Added new information to the ACCAS “Chemical Info” page

Added some more chemicals to the chemical list including the following sealants & primers.  These were used a lot by sheet metal workers and are very toxic. Have also added some constituent chemicals from the SDS list , some are unpronounceable.

Added manufacturer SDS

Added constituent chemicals

2 thoughts on “Added new information to the ACCAS “Chemical Info” page”

  1. FYI,

    Has anyone on the avionics workshops side of life ever considered the effects of Phosgene?

    From my own experiences in the late 60’s and all through the 70’s I spent days/months/years in Electronic Workshops repairing Radar, Comms & Missile Guidance system components and nearly all repairs involved using TCE (and it’s off spring) to clean the units and printed circuit boards prior to soldering in the replacement components.

    With hindsight one might now easily think that the fumes from the lead solder might have been a bit iffy and worthy of a risk assessment or two, particularly as the work was carried out in un-ventilated workshops, but I bet no one considered the potential side effect of heating the residual and sometimes barely dry TCE with the soldering iron and that it might produce Phosegene and which is linked to chronic bronchitis and emphysema !

    1. We are aware of a Phosgene risk but this was from 2 related sources.

      One was placing heated components from Trike bath into Ardrox 666 containing Dichloromethane, Cresylic Acid and Sodium Chromate. Manufacture SDS states Phosgene can be created if Ardox 666 is heated sufficiently or burned.
      Second was personnel smoking around Ardrox 666

      Wasn’t aware Trike could decompose into Phosgene with heat…will look it up.

      BTW Dichloromethane in this particular NDT workshop was measured @ 175ppm in 1995. Staff were left there to rot for a further 12 years and in that time personnel who worked in the building complex died from Brain Tumour, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Cardiomegaly and Crohns…most were avionics not NDT personnel as our contamination was pushed toward them by a heating system.

      Thanks again.

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