One thought on “Delay, deny and die: The official response to Air Corps Chemical exposure fears”

  1. Delay, Deny, Die – the SAME ‘treatment’ handed out by the government and the HSE to anyone who voices an ‘inconvenient truth’ and costs government money- by taking up the causes of the sick, disabled, pensioners, victims of medical ‘mistakes’, chemical exposures, Cervical Check, maternity mistakes/mistreatment, ‘pesky elderly bedblockers’, the ‘ageing demographic’ etc, etc. – ALL of those who are not dying-off quick enough to free up living space (Leibensraum) and increase potential financial profit for all the ‘fat cats’. The list of potential ‘annoying & useless’ people needed to be eliminated ‘for the common good’ is getting bigger all the time. Not much for hope for those ON the list and those who are NOT on it don’t give a sh*te about anyone else. Democracy? HUH !!! It’s 1930’s Europe all over again ‘J’

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