72 Untimely deaths recorded in #IrishAirCorps toxic chemical scandal

Untimely* deaths of serving & former Irish Air Corps personnel

  • 72 verified deaths have occurred in total since 1980 
  • 59 of these deaths have occurred since 2000
  • 36 of these deaths have occurred since 2010
Either the rate of death is accelerating or we are missing many deaths from previous decades or possibly both.

3 most significant causes of death

  • Approximately a third of deaths are from  cancer
  • Approximately a third of deaths are from cardiac
  • Approximately a fifth of deaths are from suicide
*We record untimely as dying at or before age 66 (civilian pension age), average age of death is 49 years. We are counting deaths from medical reasons & suicide, we are not counting accidental deaths or murder.

2 thoughts on “72 Untimely deaths recorded in #IrishAirCorps toxic chemical scandal”

  1. I guess the most recent post means another ACCAS victim has ‘ascended to a higher Flight Level’ as the number of deaths has risen from 71 to 72. My sympathies to their family, friends and former colleagues. I wish I knew what could be done to get officialdom to a) recognise they died in the service of their country as surely as if they had been killed in action, and b) officially admit that government failure to keep the laws on protection in employment was to blame. J

    1. We cannot definitively say that the Air Corp chemical killed each individual but the collection of deaths viewed in its entirety suggest there is something badly wrong.

      For example Intel has been established in Leixlip, Co. Kildare since 1990 and has a staff population of approx 5,000 or 7 times higher than Air Corps.

      Intel also uses some pretty dangerous chemicals including some we used in the Air Corps like Hydrofluoric acid.

      SIXTY SEVEN 67 serving & former Air Corps personnel have died since 1990, have Intel lost 470 serving & former personnel over the same time period?

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