Mental Health and the Irish Air Corp illness cluster

A new report by Mental Health Reform, the national coalition on mental health in Ireland, has found strong public support for increased State investment in mental health services.

A survey carried out by the coalition found that 84% of respondents thought that the health service places too little focus on mental health.

The study found that the public are willing to invest more in mental healthcare when compared to other related healthcare programmes.

Mental Health Reform says staffing in mental health services is lower now than it was in 2008 and it is calling on the Government to boost investment in the area.

Note the graph below only includes personnel for whom we have death certificates for. We are in the process of verifying many more deaths, most of which relate to the earlier decades.


Prevention is better than cure.

If the government bother to medically & scientifically investigate the mental health illness cluster at the #IrishAirCorps where at least 13 serving & former personnel have killed themselves since 1980 they might learn something about environmental causes & triggers of mental health problems.

We suspect hydrocarbon fuels, engine exhausts, isocyanates, VOCs etc all have a part to play and the civilian population get exposed to these too but usually at lower levels.

So far the state have only sent in barristers. Think about it 65 men dead at an average age of 49 years and all the state can mobilise is barristers.

In the absence of military or government statistics on untimely deaths in the Irish Air Corps we created our own. We are happy to have these tested or even proven wrong by better statistics gathered by the state in a comprehensive, open and transparent manner. #WeAreNotStatisticians

One thought on “Mental Health and the Irish Air Corp illness cluster”

  1. What no-one is ever TOLD (but what peoples’ experience shows) is that IRELAND DOES NOT ACTUALLY HAVE A HEALTH SERVICE. THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS JUST A HUGE TEST LABORATORY FOR 16 OF THE WORLD’S BIGGEST DRUG MANUFACTURERS WITH OPERATIONS HERE. WE ARE ALL GUINEA-PIGS. Of course they want to encourage an epidemic of mental ill-health – just think of the drug profits! It also helps if those cohorts of the population who are a nuisance in times of austerity – the sick, disabled, elderly etc. are diagnosed as mentally unfit, as drugs given for mental illness actually cause the premature deaths of such pesky folk after a few years. In UK around 2011 there was a project paying G.P.s 50 pounds for each new diagnosis of dementia they made.This resulted in a spike in elderly deaths a few years later – DO THE MATH! Bumping off misfits also helps to solve the housing crisis of course !!!!! J

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