Statistics for Dr. Leo Varadkar showing untimely deaths of Irish Air Corps personnel

A graph showing untimely deaths of men who served in the Irish Air Corps. We are counting those that died since 1980 (arbitrary) and who died on or before age 66 (state pension age).

On Wednesday the 7th of February 2018 in Dáil Éireann, Taoiseach, Dr. Leo Varadkar, said the place to investigate Irish Air Corps related deaths & illnesses was the Irish courts system and also bizarrely questioned why thousands of exposed personnel, exposed to hundreds of different toxic chemicals didn’t all get the same cancer?

Note the graph below only includes personnel for whom we have death certificates for. We are in the process of verifying approximately 30 more deaths, many of which relate to the earlier decades.

In the absence of military or government statistics on untimely deaths in the Irish Air Corps we created our own. We are happy to have these tested or even proven wrong by better statistics gathered by the state in a comprehensive, open and transparent manner. #WeAreNotStatisticians

One thought on “Statistics for Dr. Leo Varadkar showing untimely deaths of Irish Air Corps personnel”

  1. Well done, Collie on presenting data in a clear-to-understand format. Regarding anything, it is not just numbers which are important, but chronology i.e. the time-line, which researchers, the public (and politicians!) often tend to conveniently ignore. As to our ‘medically-qualified’ Taoiseach, perhaps a bit of film-viewing could be recommended to him. In the USA, Hexavalent Chromium leached into well water in a largely rural community. The contamination resulted in a cluster of VARIED cancers developing in local residents of all ages and backgrounds. Eventually, a class action was undertaken against the polluters by a concerned form of solicitors. A FILM was made about this situation, in which the offending chemical was referred to as Chromium Six (Cr6/CrVI) BUT that’s just Hexavalent Chromium called by another name. The name of the film ? ERIN BROCOVICH. I recommend you all watch it and maybe ACCAS should send Leo a DVD? J

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